Should you book rehearsal dinner coverage? Here’s why I think you should.

Should you book rehearsal dinner coverage? Yes. And here’s why.

I mean, I feel like that’s the end of the post to be honest. The answer is yes, and I could just end it right there, but I’ll go ahead and give you a little bit more to think about.

For most people, the rehearsal dinner is the opening party to the wedding weekend. Unless you’re having a welcome dinner, which I highly recommend (especially if you’re having a destination wedding or have quite lot of out of town guests, it’s a really great way to kick everything off), but for the most part it’s about the rehearsal dinner being the start of the wedding weekend. There’s a certain buzz in the air during this party, and there’s a different dynamic and vibe to this event. There are relatives coming together who maybe haven’t seen each other in a while, you’re excited and nervous for your big day tomorrow, toasts are usually a bit more casual, a little bit cheekier, and people who don’t get to toast at the wedding may do it on this day. The rehearsal dinner is an extra chance to have these people photographed, to capture that spirit, that excitement and wonder of the day, to grab your photographer and ask for group shots that might not get photographed on your wedding day. I’m not saying you can’t grab your photographer for group shots on your wedding day, but in general, there are more people in attendance, more specific events going on.

At the end of the day, it’s your choice which moments you choose to have photographed, but any time you can have an extra chance at capturing this time in your life, it’s a good investment in my book.